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Deck boss updated image 2019.jpg

​The DECK BOSS is the ULTIMATE tool for coating or staining large areas FAST!


  • SAVES TIME. Faster application of stains, sealers and paints.

  • Better quality results.

  • Coat standing up.

  • SAVES MONEY. Outlasts rollers, paint pads, brushes and other coating tools.

  • Gets in-between decking boards, great for both smooth and rough surfaces.



  • Tapered design 7 x 2 inch with 3 inch filament length.

  • High Tech 'Stay True' synthetic filament with excellent abrasion, heat and chemical resistance.

  • Quality construction - 304 Stainless Steel ferrule, hardwood head, high strength HDPE plastic screw mount. Custom design, hand made, built to last longer.

  • Quality epoxy glue provides superior brush filament holding ability - less fall out.

  • Suitable for water and oil based paints, stains, sealers, epoxy and varnish for wood and concrete.

  • Easy wash design extends the life of the brush.

  • Strong protective packaging.

  • Includes a Perdura DECK BOSS paint can/bottle opener keyring.

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